Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2009

Hari Raya this year was quite extra-ordinary. In a way that the morning of Hari Raya we were still in KL, and we prayed the Eidul-Fitri Solat at the mosque in our neighbourhood. Usually if we were supposed to celebrate hari raya in Negeri Sembilan, by the eve of Hari Raya we would be at Kuala Pilah (KP), my mom's side already. Well, at first I was quite dissapointed by this plan, but somehow, I realised it's quite a good idea. This means no rushing for the bathroom in the morning plus I had more time to pack the day before (packing is a major problem for me!). We were also hoping that the traffic would not be so bad on Hari Raya day.
After sembahyang raya, we all set off for Negeri Sembilan. First stop would be my granny's (dad's mom) in Rantau N.S. Oh, before that even, was of course Hari Raya photo shoot at the porch.
All in position, waiting for Uncle to set up his camera. Zaim was so patient and co-operative, thank goodness!!

Amusing himself, still waiting for Uncle Aizat.

I'm ready!

He is taking forrrevvver!!! Let me take a picture of him instead!

The Grandpms with the Grandkids.

The Incredibles!!! Ha!ha!ha! Check out little Jack Jack in teluk belanga.
With our Bibik.

On the way, good thing Zaim managed to fall asleep... finally!

Brought books to amuse themselves with.

The kids getting a taste of the Kampung life.

Off they went around the village.

Zaim and Papa.
Zaim and Mama.

Wohoo!!! Clearly they are enjoying themselves here.

Another round uncle puhleees!!!!

My grandma's home.

My dad and his mom.
Nyang and cicit.
Zaim and his "smile".

Then it was off to a couple of my grand-aunties and grand uncles houses.

At one particular house, it took us a while for us to bring Zaim in. He was transfixed.

By what???

Ha!ha! What else in the kampung other than cows!

Moooo!!! Something not so common in KL.

Once inside, he still went to the window to look.

Looking out.

My grand aunty with my uncle and dad.

Zaim trying out cookies.

By the time we arrived in KP it was already maghrib. The kids were all over us asking to start playing the fireworks. So the kids played fireworks, whilst some people were following what I thought was a footie match on tv.

Tok Uncle and Uncle Lutfi putting up fairy lights on the fence.

Zaim, wondering what's all the hoo hahs are all about, and why is he still up at that hour.By the way, he slept at 11 p.m that night, that too, we had to turn of 80% of the lights. Too much excitement all around him.

He loves the sparklers, but he was so scared of the fireworks. The booms and bangs were a bit much for him, guess his mom went a little overboard when choosing fireworks.

Sparklers for the rest too.
Zarif and Nayli lighted up some fireworks too.

Don't worry they ran off immediately after lighting up, we do keep them at a safe distance.
Trying to light up the tree trunk.
Not to be left out, the Tok Uncle.

Jack was in charge of the "adults" stuff.


The next morning Zarif was the last to wake up. Faris who's supposed to wake Zarif, joined him instead.

2nd Hari Raya morning was a pretty much relax and easy day, some even took turns trying out my uncle's wheel chair.

Zaim got friendly with the house cat.

He's curious to touch and yet a little apprehensive.

Look at this.

Zaim and his smile again, oh and papa of course.

Accidental similar pose! Hmmmm!

Nayli and Aunty Nora a.k.a Mak Lang but not Kakak.

The chiken coup next. So many things to explore in the kampung.
Zaim going, puk!puk!puk!

Playing at the field.

Others like this fella, went back to sleep.


The atuks (grandfathers) in a row.

Mak Tam and girls going off.
The wheelchair is being tested outside the house now. Almost everybody tried it, I swear. Even I did. Ha!ha! But I don't have any pictures.

Pak Ngah taking a cat nap, already fasting on the 2nd day.
My grandmother's house - she passed away Ramadhan last year, a full year since she left us.

694, Kuala Pilah.


We are at another grand aunty's house that is adjacent to the mosque. Shortly after we arrived, the call for Zuhur prayers were heard. Zaim was estatic, he loved listening to the Azan. He is experiencing it live, out loud, whilst facing a mosque which he has always associated the Azan with.

Zaim and Zarif.
The 5 of us.

The 2 of us. Aisey!

Nayli and Atuk Abah.

Zaim had a feast trying the stuff served.

On the way to another house - a little too much for Nayli to take. Not for Zaim though.

Bubbling Time.

My poor poor uncle, who fell off the Rambutan tree a couple of months back, still not ok. We wince just looking at his leg, cannot imagine being in his shoes (mmm not that he could fit in them).



Just before we left kampung that night. We left early too, unlike Rayas before. Only 1 night at the kampung, very very extra-ordinary. Short but sweet. Once in the car Zaim fell asleep in a tick.