Thursday, March 25, 2010

Brow Raising Experience.

Ladies, where do you tame your wild unruly eyebrows? I normally get it done when I have my monthly facials at 128... , my theraphist there does a pretty good waxing job, fast and painless. One fine evening when I had some time to kill while waiting for hubby I ventured to KLCC's Benefit's brow bar. I missed my last facial appointment and my eyebrows were in a really bad shape. I have known about this service for quite sometime, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to check it out. Took some photos to share...

Brow bar.

Apparatus all laid out

The instruments of torture... he!he!he! well, not really.

The wax, which apparently is Pearl Wax unlike supposedly the common Honey Wax.

Testing on my hand.

Zap... sorry it may be a bit icky. I forgot to take the before picture, and I was to "shy" to take the after picture. Suffice to say that I was quite impressed with the service, I didn't even need to take off my headscarf. Verdict : in case of brow emergency I will go back.

Michelle, the lovely Brow specialist who tended to me.

*** an update:

I forgot to include the Service Menu, since I have it available with me and since there's a request... :-) here it is...

Brow Arching RM38

Facial Waxing
Brow & lip    RM55
Chin & lip     RM45
Chin             RM30
Lip               RM25

Brow Arch Packages
Buy 3 get 1 free    RM115
Buy 5 get 2 free    RM190

Brow & Lip Packages
Buy 3 get 1 free    RM165
Buy 5 get 2 free    RM275

Gosh this is super duper promotion isn't it???
Well, be sure to mention my name yah! He!He!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

2nd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2010.

Last weekend was the 2nd Putraya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. Did you guys make it there? I did, and yes for the 2nd time. I guess it is would be an annual event for us. Love it. The hot air balloons are just beautiful don't you think. Pity I've still not been on one yet, still. Anyhow, it's still lovely to see all these giant balloons doting the Putrajaya skyline.

We arrived at the Fiesta Square at about 7:45 a.m yes A.M! That's the best time as all the balloons are scheduled to lift off by 8:00a.m. Once the balloons are inflated and lifted off, it will fly over to the other side of the lake and gets deflated there, and that's it, another chance of seeing it is only at 5p.m later in the afternoon. Making your way there anytime after 9 ish would be just pointless, if you wish to see all these balloons "up and away".  

This balloon was here last year too! Cute don't you think?

Yes, it's a bit gloomy. Throughout the early part of the morning, the cloud remained overcast. Great that it wasn't blinding hot, but quite a pity for amature photographers like me!!! Even armed with DSLR and an extended lens... :-(

Up and away...

We were looking forward to one particular balloon that we saw in the papers. It wasn't around last year.  When we have seen quite a number of balloons went up we were wondering what happened to that particular balloon when suddenly we spotted these people inflating something large and very very black. Then we knew! Wohoo!!!, and right in front of us too, talk about luck!

We waited patiently... (proceed to scroll down while humming the
soundtrack... deng deng deng deng deng deng.....)
Ok, break... there was this cute liony balloon inflating at the side that
caught our attention too.

Proceed with soundtrack... deng deng deng deng deng....
OMG, I am soooo excited!!!

And on the right side... Cool!

OMG, inflate already!

Hold you breath...




Finally, side profile of the Dark Lord.

Isn't that a beauty???

Lord Vader has finally lifted off!!! Wohoo!!!

How cool is that?

Cannot get enough.

(Lord Vader that is, not to be mistaken with my other "passion" :-D ).

Darth Vader reigning the sky... pity I don't have photoshop!

Nayli called this one, Bunch of Balloons.

We came with the grandp/ms. Zaim joined us this year too.

Now who in the world left their pair of Levi's floating around?

Zaim was blown away...

There were the paramotors show too, I think they were called.

Nice show, but still no sun.

Their 2nd time, braved the early morning inspite of high fever the
night before (yes, both of them!).

Once all the balloons have lifted off, we went in search of some food.
There were more food and beverage booths than last year.

Got some hot dogs for the kids and some Laksa Assam.

While we ate, the paramotor show was still going on over our heads, really cool.

Enjoying their shared bowl of Assam Laksa, after the hot dogs!

Zaim's milk time.

Yup, fed him right in the middle of the pathway.
It was pretty clear of people really.

He wasn't squinting because of the bright sun, he was merely smilling for the camera. This shot was taken by Nayli (either Nayli or Zarif. They took turns taking pictures from my DSLR, totally not satisfied with the compact, tsk!tsk! Might have to consider getting them one soon!). Yeah, right!

More paramotors about.

Nayli got these shots.

After our meal break, we walked on nearer to The Millennieum Monument area in search of cleaner public toilets for my parents, instead of the porta-loos provided.

They had more balloons here too. Apparently tickets were sold at RM10 per person for a "mini-ride" - which means, you get up as high as I don't know 50ft maybe then you are tugged back down again. B.O.R.I.N.G!!!! I want the real thing!!! Ha!ha!ha!

Still makes a beautiful back drop though.

There were this lie-back bikes too. Didn't check the price though.

 There was also this Inflated Ball - strap yourself and roll down the hill thingy!

See the tent at the back with masses of people in it. That's the queue for the mini balloon ride. U-huh! for no lift off even... would you wait that long, plus no children allowed, bummer!

Im-Im and Me!

We gave the inflatables a miss this year. The day was
getting hotter by the minute so we left at about 11'ish.

For last year's pictures check out my update: 1st Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2009.