Friday, April 16, 2010

I have migrated!

Dear family and friends, 

I physically am still here, where I am at the moment. 
Just wanted to let you know that I will no longer be updating this blog. Please proceed to my new simple yet divine blog for my continued blogging escapades!!!

Been great blogging here, thank you for the OMG shrieks and links.
Be sure to update your bookmarks and links in your blogs!!!
See you at my other blog, ciao!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

We're sorry, but you have exceeded your photo upload quota!

OMG!!!! No wonder I have not been able to upload any pictures this week.
I have like tons of pictures back dated because I couldn't get any pictures to upload.
I have actually exhausted 1GB of picture storage capacity. Imagine that...

Need to take some action. Do check in again soon, will try to rectify this issue, I'm starting to have withdrawal symptoms already (for not updating stuff for more than 3 days)!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tag... about me.

Hi all, this update is actually a tag from Zarin from her lovely blog... Sweet... Sour and Juicy...

The tag is originally in Malay... I somehow will be updating in English, for the benefits of my International Readers... he!he! Assuming, no!no! make that Pretending that I have international readers.

SIAPAKAH ANDA DIRUMAH? literally translated as Who am I at home? Is this correct grammar, I dunno, all this translation business is so confusing.

At home (currently my parents'), I am Eti/Girl (to my parents, yes... still girl to them!!!), Mama (to my kids), Kakak (to the help), Kak Eti (to my bro) and XXX (to my hubby).

SIAPAKAH DIRI ANDA DISAMPING RAKAN? - what do friends think of me (my perception at least... or I hope)

Gosh, this is a tough one! Honestly, I have to say I don't know!
Friends out there... if you are reading this, please comment... it would be interesting to know... :-) hope it's all good tho.

- 5 things that are in my wishlist - let me just make it clear here excluding shoes and handbags of course!!! ha!ha!

1. Fabulous flat abs
2. To be a SAHHM (new term I just learnt from my friend Nadd, Stay at Home Hot Mama!) ha!ha! of course no. 1 has to be achieved first right? :-)
3. A huge huge huge kitchen - SMEG cooker and oven & Kitchen Aid Mixer and Food Processor (is this considered more than one, but it's under my dream kitchen, no? )
4. Go to the UK and "return" to my University.
5. To be a blogger with an Income!!! Pathetic, I know but hey this is my wishlist after all.

 SIAPAKAH NAMA PASANGAN ANDA? What is your spouse's name?

Wan Jack.

5 PERKARA YANG PALING ANDA SUKA TENTANG PASANGAN ANDA? 5 things you like about your spouse?

Honey if there's only 5 things I like about him, we will not make it this far... Ha!ha!
He's everything I am not -
1) patient
2) even-tempered
3) very realistic
4) don't crack under pressure
5) don't swear much

makes you wonder, how in the world he puts up with me huh? :-D , see point number 1!

BILA TARIKH COUPLE - date we started dating

3rd quarter 1999, I think.

KENANGAN PAHIT ANDA BERSAMA RAKAN ANDA - a bad experience with a friend

hmmm I'm not sure whether this is supposed to be a bad experience shared with a friend or my spouse while dating... I'd stick with friend, easier.

Don't think I have any major traumatic experience, thanks goodness for that. Does that mean my life has been boring??? Mmmm I don't think so, but I don't have any experience that could be severely labeled as "kenangan pahit"! As far as gruesome experience is concerned I would have to say SPM!!! Sitting for the final secondary school exams when I was 17, now that was one "kenangan pahit". I shudder each time I think about it. 

LAGU TEMA CINTA ANDA - My love theme song

It isn't ours, but two songs have some significance while we were dating. Come on Eileen by the Dixie Midnight Runners (hardly a love song, but special to me nevertheless), before we were dating I think I mentioned it casually to him that I love this song because it always reminds me of my days in Kent. One day he called me while I was driving and asked me to turn on a particular radio station, the song was playing! Sweet!

Second song... Can't fight this feeling anymore by REO Speedwagon. I only knew about this after we were officially dating. The significance well, if you must know... the lyrics kind of meant something to him at that time... Gosh I think I have revealed a bit much!!! I thought sweet!!! (flutter, flutter of eyelashes! he!he! )

APA PERUBAHAN YANG ANDA INGIN LIHAT PADA PASANGAN ANDA - 1 thing you'd like to change about him

Give up smoking.

Tag 10 other people.

Gosh, I don't know that many bloggers... sorry ladies.. I'm attacking the same people again... but really your choice... to do or not to do!!!

you never know... there may come a time when you got the urge to blog but you got no ideas or like me this very instance, the blogger just isn't uploading any of my pictures right now even though I have days of stories to share... this is the time to pick up those tags!!!

ok, here goes... I hereby tag (read: would love to read your answers to the above):

NZZ - from Just my 3 cents thots

Ermayum - Life, Dessert and Matters

Lady Verde - our life

Marlini - Cinta Ridlis

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That's 5 individuals... ok, half is not bad eh?....

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Zaim oh Zaim!

Zaim on Wednesday morning at breakfast by the roadside. After he had enough of his nasi lemak, he wanted to get off the chair to chase birds.

Zaim, cannot stand still long enough for his picture to be taken while running around the room while his father was busy packing for this trip.

Zaim, wanting to jump right out of the bag... though I was hoping to pack him together with his father's clothes! He!he!he!

Zaim, literally fell asleep after 3 times of diaper change within 30 - 40 minutes, due to constipation!!! My poor baby! In the end, he couldn't say a proper good bye to his father...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Quesadilla Explosion Salad

This was my lunch on Thursday.... Lovely! It's basically grilled chicken with cheese, corn relish, cilantro, tortillas strips and citrus-balsamic dressing. Served with cheese quesadillas. Oh, where? Chillis, KLCC.

Didn't finish the quesadillas though, coz I was heavily chomping on the Bottomless Tostadas Chips that we order on the side!!! Heaven, thanks H for the lunch!!! You Rock!!! Ha!ha!ha! Let's do lunch again when Z comes back to work next week!