Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Saloon Visit

Nayli has been growing her hair for quite sometime now. I have been asking her to cut her hair for quite a while but she just refused, I have only managed a one inch trim at the back occasionally whenever I take her to the hairdresser to trim her fringe. In the end she promised, that she will let me cut her hair after her concert, cause usually she had to have her hair up in a bun for her performances, so it makes sense to have a bit of length to be able to get a nice bun. So concert over, graduation too... so off to the saloon we go! But before that let's play hairdresser at home, and who would be the purr fect candidate for a customer other than Papa!! Ha! ha! Look what the kids' did to their dad. Absolutely no mercy whatsover. Have you ever had the shampoo girl dangled her two feet over your shoulder while shampooing your hair??? Exactly!!!

some water over here!

a lite massage perhaps

a little buffing like so...

I'm good!!! ... but look at the pained look on dad's face!

The next day however, little miss hairdresser, became the pained victim, well at least no shampoo girl will be dangling her two feet over her shoulders. So off we went to the hairdresser.
I thought she should have a "before" picture taken.

and another, quite a pity actually... but it'll grow back in no time!

gasp! so much hair!

ooh! nice to have your hair washed eh?

the moment of truth!

all done!



Thursday, November 22, 2007

Expecting our 3rd Wan Jr.

Alhamdulillah, I am expecting again. I have been waiting to post this news, didn't want to post it too soon... After my last visit to my Gynae, and seeing the scan I am much more confident to announce it to all. So far I am ok, I have been pretty lucky so far that I don't have morning sickness. The only thing I had this time was that until early this week, I would feel rather nauseas towards mealtime, it makes me want to puke, not that I puke, just the false sign of wek! wek! otherwise I am ok. Though, at night I would feel super duper extra tired!It is true then, no 2 pregnancies are the same. Furthermore, my first 2 were before I turned ... cough! cough! thi....r....ty.
Pray for us yah! Below is the scan from week 7 and 11, the 4 weeks made a lot of difference. Subhanallah! God is Great!
at week 7

week 11

Friday, November 16, 2007

Graduation Day

In order to mark the kids's last year at pre-school, Nayli's kindy had a "Graduation Day". A full blown one. It was not at all like my kindy days. My goodness... it was totally amazing. I really salute the teachers downright to the principal. They are so dedicated. I mean... it must not be an easy thing training 6 years olds not 4 but perhaps 20 to a class!! Fantastic!

Nayli was excited as usual, though a little dissapointed as she was not able to perform during the intermissions between the certificate presentation ceremony, and I quote,... "Mama, teacher said, I cannot do the pantun because I have already performed during the concert". Told you, she loves the limelight.

She was a little disapointed that her beloved Papa could not make it for her big day cause we were informed only at the 11th hour and her father already had a meeting arranged in Kedah. I panicked of course! I mean, I have to find my own way to Menara MPAJ, OMG!!! In the end I managed to drag my mom and my maid along for some moral support.

Anyhow, she was still glad that in the end everyone gets to be on stage and sang a couple of songs. I will try to convert the clip that I got on the camcorder and upload it here. In the mean time here are some pictures.

Everything begins with the hairdo - the best that I could think of.
Since I have been warned, "Mama ... it has to be a ponytail, or else it will look
wierd when I put on the hat".

waiting for her turn

first this Graduation "File" ? I don't know... didn't have this during my days.
later I found out it contained, a sorta certificate stating that she has
completed her Pre-school in CEC, a class photo, and a huge 8R portrait of her
complete with graduation gown and hat with a library backdrop!

another token from Mrs Phang the principal

Hibiscus Class of 2007

Nayli and Sarah Adlina

Nayli and Wan

a 2007 graduate and future graduate Class of 2010

sigh!!! my baby girl no more... off to Primary 1 next year

last performance from Class of 2007 Wangsa Melawati

.... the last time singing her school song

happy times

*** come back to this post soon... will try to update some video clips

Monday, November 05, 2007

My Girl's 2nd and final pre-school concert

Yesterday was Nayli's school concert. She was in actually 2 performances. The first one, is the class performance which happens to be a Malay Dance, to the Negeri Sembilan dialect tune of "Apo kono eh Jang". Such a suitable song since both my parents are originally from Negeri Sembilan. Even though both of my parents speaks Negeri Sembilan heavily with each other, I guess Nayli doesn't realise this cause I guess, at the end of the day when they speak with her it's either in standard Bahasa or in English. So, she is rather oblivious to what significant the choice of song is to her "background". The second performance is actually a Gymnastic presentation, the Gym Teacher picked some students from various classes to perform some gymnastic moves at the end of the concert.

Being a biased parent, of course I must say she did pretty well in both. My husband and I have always thought that Nayli is quite a perfectionist, so I guess it showed in the performances. No stage fright, nothing! Well... ehem she must have gotten it from someone, I mean her mother was rather active in school concerts back then and the father well... just name the sports, he's played it and represented the school if not also win some games. So, our child turned out to be not so afraid of the "limelight"... well truthfully, we would have been disappointed if it is otherwise. Ha!ha!ha! Well done Nayli, we are so proud of you. Don't worry yesterday was not the last of your "concert" days.


Pretty maids in a row

Little Mc - Introducing her class's act

The dance act - Nayli is the 1st girl on the left, right in front.

Gym Estrada- Nayli's in the 2nd row middle in pink and while leotard.

with a class mate at the end of the concert