Thursday, June 08, 2006

School Holiday

The school holiday is back! Never thought that I would be one of those parents who'd be concerned when it comes. However, I HAVE become those parents! I have been harping my hubby to make the necessary "early" arrangements of getting hotel rooms before they are all fully booked everywhere weeks before the starting of the holidays. Malaysians really take the campaign of "Cuti-cuti Malaysia" full-heartedly nowadays. Which is good really, I'm not complaining. I am all for these holidays!
It's good to be away from your normal weekly routine of going to work, come back from work, cook dinner, look forward to weekend, wasted the weekend or spend too much time clearing your weekend to-do list that you just panic when you realised that it was already 22:00 hrs Sunday night and you realised you did not get a chance to put your feet up to finish that chic-lit or the latest Korean DVD series that have been loaned to you. Before you know it the whole routine starts again in less than 9 hours time!
We decided Penang again this hols. The main reason I chose Penang was beacause I wanted to go to the Night Market in Ferringhi beach again, I regretted that during my last visit, about 1+ year back, I did not buy the Hermes bag there it was only RM100!! So I thought I would get it this time. Plus, give my kids Sand, Sea and Chlorined Swimming Pool, they'll be happy anywhere we go. Not to mention staying in A Hotel. Yeah, just like I was at their age.
Stayed at a hotel in Tanjung Bungah, just a note, don't worry about which hotel. You do not need to know. Do not evvvah bother to stay at any hotels in Tanjung Bungah if you are staying in Penang. Stick to Batu Ferringhi. The beach is sooo much better. The one where we stayed at was sad really really sad. My kids, fortunately had a whale of a time. Thank goodness! It was all about them having fun really. Something diffferent to do other than being couped up in our tiny apartment watching Playhouse Disney Channel and Cartoon Network all day long.
On the way to Penang we stopped at the Taiping Zoo and on the way back The Lost World of Tambun in Ipoh. Word of advice, Taiping Zoo is worth the trip if you are totally okay with walking in the hot hot sun for long hours. We just did the train ride, that took about 30 odd mins. Said a breif hello again to the elephants & parrots and spent sometime at the playground. Yes, I did say playground AT THE ZOO in TAIPING!!! All the way to play at the playground!! But really the attitude to be in when you are there is just to marvel at everything that you don't get to see when you're at thome. Just go through it. Kids love animals, really it is just not for us! Nothing that we cannot see in Animal Planet in the comfort of our home.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Go Karting Anyone?????

Hi, I have always always always wanted to Go-kart but never had the chance to. During a family holiday to Langkawi a long time ago, the guys did go off to GO-Kart but I had to stay behind coz Zarif was a little to small to leave behind with Mak alone. So when there was an opportunity to go [more importantly FOC!!], well I really didn’t waste it. Finance Dept has generously invited us in Planning to join them for their ½ day away day kinda thing in Sunway Extreme Park. When was it … yeah 27th April. Long ago, just wanted to log this somewhere. Oh, before that we had lunch at Avanti an Italian American Restaurant in Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel. Food was quite good actually. Anyhow, it was good experience. Here are some pictures of us, pretending to be Schuey!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mission Impossible

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers in this universe! Lovely lovely long weekend, well 2 days ago that is. Didn't have the time to update write anything. The internet line is still not up at home, quite a bummer really. Perhaps I should spend more time at my mom's place to use the web. But then again I may have to fight with my darling bro.
Took Mak to lunch on Friday sorta and early Mother's Day Lunch + her belated birthday lunch. Just the two of us and the kids. We had lunch at the Sundanese Restaurant over in KLCC. She seemed to like it. Though we were a wee bit dissapointed with the Gado-gado. Not quite what we expected, most importantly, no kuah kacang, more like a salad really. A healthy chicken salad! So not Asian food. Aah should have taken a photo, but I forgot, too busy handling the kids. It was good fun really. It's been a while since I have spent some alone time with Mak. I'm sure she appreciated it.
That night I already had tickets for M:I:III, for 11:35 p.m. Before the show I discovered something that was a more impossible mission than Tom Cruise's mission! -----> PUTTING MY KIDS TO BED! I could loose my voice, my temper (no! no! I ALWAYS LOOSE THIS!) and most of all MY SANITY!!! I don't know how other people make their kids go to bed by 8! I would need tranquilizers for that to happen to my kids, or maybe a day in Disneyland cause a cough mixture that the Dr. promised, " this will make them sleepy" ... just DOESN'T WORK! Thank god, or you'll read about me in the papers one day getting caught hijacking the supply truck in Ampang Puteri or some other hospitals. To cut a long story short, I finally managed to put them to bed, so we managed to leave for TGV, with a clear conscience that the kids are in bed and will not miss us, or at least they were not up and yelling, telling us to not go or take them along when we were leaving. Good show M:I:III, I did quite a lot ot yelping, you know, mmmm, can't quite explain the expression, but only the word yelping comes to mind to explain my reaction for some of the scenes.So tiring at the end of the show. Too much suspense, and explosion, Jack's kind of movie, as for me well... I would choose Pride and Prejudice or Nothing Hill anytime, over this one!
Dish of the week - Laksa Assam
Before I forget, another reason why I started this blog was to kinda write a log of the new recipes that I have tried, especially for the very first time and that turn out edible, and worth mentioning. Ha!ha! I tried to cook Laksa Assam for the very first time evvah on Monday. Been planning to do so for a couple of weeks already but I just couldn't find the Laksa Noodles which is kind of the "key" ingredient!! Duuuh!!!! So I already have the required Daun Kesom, and Bunga Kantan, Assam Gelugor etc etc etc. Very excited when I found the noodles in Carrefour last Sunday. I only used Sardines from the can, cause Jack thought that the ikan kembung weren't too fresh. Came from work, opened two trusted Recipe books and started on my new adventure or watcamacallit! My verdict, well okay lah not too bad for first try. Though my ratio of water to fish may not have been exactly right, so it turned out to be a little too soupy. But a couple of my food critics at the office, thought it was passable. Izam, Linda and Zakiah had it for breakfast yesterday morning (yeah I was that confident to share it with others, that or tak malu), and no complains so far of any food poisoning or stomach upset.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

A-Diva Noor

Dedicating this post to Adibah Noor. 8 nominations for the recent AIM 13, that has got to be a reason for that many nominations. Easy peasy, she is just fantastic. A true entertainer and artists. Totally love her character and easy going attitude! And mostly I love her laugh, big hearty laugh that is so sincere and full of happiness! Well, her voice that goes without saying lah!
Talisman, had our Annual Dinner and Dance recently and we had her as one of the entertainer, infact we engaged her Event Management Company to handle the whole affair. According to the ADD committee Adibah is very professional and easy to work with. I bet!
Well we really had a good time that night. Managed to even sneak back stage to get her to sign on my her CD. Woohoo!!! It's been a while since I've done any gushing on any artists, let alone local and a lady at that.
For those who have yet to get her CD ... Well go on, you should after all it's only RM29, why not! Help the local entertainment industry especially since we got a well known gem here!

I have to start somewhere ...

Blogging!! What is this all about? Everybody seems to have one, thought I'd try it out too. Seems like an interesting thing to have. Would give me something to do during dull weekends at home or while I'm taking a breather at work and like now, I'm stuck in the office during lunch time coz I'm fasting (so so so many more days to go!!!!!!! uhuk!).
How do I look like stuck in my cubicle?? Well like the photo below ... I'm the one in gray headscarf.
Pretty nice picture huh! Taken by a pro, at least we only knew about it after we saw the pictures this "uncle" took. Damn! Should have been the one posing at Izam's place right up front! And we really shouldn't have called him "UNCLE"!
It's only 12:18pm, yes only! My head is already giving me signs that it's gonna throb anytime soon. I really don't know why I always have a problem replacing my missed fasting days. I'm just sooo bad at it! 1st I have the problem of waking up early for sahur, 2ndly if I do succeed (and often times I don't, which explains the 24 days pending dated back from 2001!), I would have this major headache that would persists even after buka puasa and sometimes till bedtime. I'd like to think that it's due to my super high metabolic rate, which causes my stomach to be empty by noon. I constantly need to eat, munch, snack, drink throughout the day. However, if this theory (or rather wishful thinking) is true, it really doesn't explain my mmm rather well fitted trousers! Too well fitted!
So this week, I have added 2 things in my routine, or at least I hope it would stay to be in my weekly routine. (1) Exercise and (2) Blogging. Yeah, I started walking again finally last Sunday after quite a disturbing remark made by Jack sometime last week, even though I'm sure he meant it as a joke, (he better be!!!) it's still quite you know earth shattering for me, plus I really seem to have more well fitted pants lately. Anyway the last time I ever did any exercise was probably when I was trying to gain back my normal weight after Zarif's delivery. Once I achieved it or at least once my old clothes fit again by the time he was 8/9 months can't remember exactly, walking? cardiovascular activities? what was that? ... you catch my drift.Blogging is the next thing. Looks like fun, yeah why not! Giving it a shot see which one lasts longer, the exercise or my web logs!!!